COVID-19 Update

Written by 

Robin Cooke


March 9, 2022

Ontario Timeline for Removing all Public Health Restrictions
March 11, 2022 – Sarnia, Ontario

The provincial government has announced a timeline for removing all public health restrictions, including mask mandates.  

Effective March 14:

  • Mandatory vaccination policy for employees in long-term care homes is lifted.
  • Unvaccinated workers in hospitals and other high-risk healthcare settings will no longer have to partake in regular rapid testing.

Effective March 21:

  • Masking requirements will be removed in most settings including schools, restaurants and bars, gyms, movie theatres, shopping centres.
  • Remaining measures in schools including cohorts and on-site symptom screening are removed.
  • Remaining regulatory requirements for businesses are removed, including passive screening and having a COVID-19 safety plan.

Effective April 27:

  • Mask requirements are removed in all remaining settings.
  • All remaining orders under the Reopening Ontario Act expire.
  • Remaining health-care directives are lifted, however, the government will still direct health-care workers to wear personal protective equipment.
  • After this date, masks will not be mandatory but will be encouraged and highly recommended for those who are immunocompromised, at high risk, or who choose to still use them.  

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