Policy and Advocacy

Pillar #1

Workforce Recovery and Business Competitiveness

Pillar #2

Healthy People and Prosperous Communities

Pillar #3

Resilient Infrastructures

The Chamber of Commerce throughout its history, has played an important role in bringing together business and community leaders to advocate at all levels of government for policies that further enhance the social and economic prosperity of our city.

What We Do

The Chamber’s Advocacy efforts are reflective of the priorities of our membership and wider business community, implemented by Chamber staff through their day-to-day engagement with Governments and the wider Chamber of Commerce network in Canada.

What We Do

  • Government Funding Opportunities and Support

  • Regulatory and Policy Updates

  • Strategic Advice for Government Relations

How Members Can Be Involved

Our policy efforts are only made possible through the support and involvement of our membership. Members are actively engaged on our policy issues and in addition to having a direct line to our staff, can also participate in surveys and special roundtables with government stakeholders. Our Advocacy activities are regularly updated on our website, our weekly newsletter, and social media, and regularly covered by local, national and international media outlets.‍

Become a Member

Join the people who get things done. We are the hub for business communication and collaboration. Your membership provides you with a connection to local businesses, events, seminars, and member exclusive deals. We invite you to enjoy all that we have to offer.